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The dreaded Board Exams loom ahead.

The CBSE site says:

CBSE 10th and 12th Examination will start from 2nd March 2009. The detailed datesheet will be published in the last week of December 2008

As it happens, we’re still waiting for this datasheet.

Meanwhile, the second terminal exams are going on these days. I had CS Practicals today, and Physics day after tomorrow, while Math and Chemistry got over earlier this week (and last week).

Since G.P. has been stubborn as usual and adhered to the [allmighty and wonderful] syllabus that The Board has set, refusing to answer questions that are “out of the syllabus, ma!”,  I have not understood anything. (NOTE: this is probably not the only reason for my amusing lack of knowledge :P)

Hence I got myself a copy of “Halliday, Resnick and Walker – Fundamentals of Physics” and started reading it.  For the first time in two years, I started understanding something!
G.P. has time to crack all kinds of stupid “mokkais”, but he won’t anwer “extra doubts” 😛 Here’s one of his famous ones:

One day, a man went to one shop and bought one KG of thakkali [tomatoes]. The next day, another man went to the same shop and bought two KG of thakkali. A week later, ANOTHER man went to ANOTHER shop and bought FIVE KG of thakkali. What is common between these events?


Also it is interesting to note that I have spent a large number of physics classes sitting OUTSIDE the classroom. If you come a little late he doesn’t like letting you in. If you come late from the CS lab, he gets very annoyed.

One day, Arvind and myself were working in the lab, and realised we were late for his class. So we ran to the class, and stood at the door. “Come in, come in…” he says absently.  After we’re halfway to our benches, “Wait! Where were you all this while??”  “In the CS lab, sir…” “Then get out.”

So today’s CS pracs was most annoying. Only 12 marks for writing the program! FIVE marks for SQL (I’ll get zero) and some marks (I don’t remember how many) for the project.  For those unfamiliar with the process, you’re supposed to pull a chit of paper from a notebook, and write a program to do whatever is directed by the chit of paper (on the computer). I got an extremely simple ( and boring) program, which involved writing records to a binary file, deleting them from the file, and inserting new records into the file. For three hours I sat and whiled away time, writing rubbish code. Finally ND (NirmalaDevi) walks up to me to find out what the hell I’m doing for so long. After criticising my program and telling me it’s worth only three marks, she walks off. So I sit around for 5 minutes, after which I proceed to re-write the whole thing (took 15 minutes) and got full marks for it. 12/12 😛

Incidentally, my cell phone balance is now MINUS 0.52 INR, and my outgoing communications (including messages) have been blocked. I am, therefore, using as a means of communicating with people. Kindly bear with me.


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