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Today, I arrived at 8:10 in school, expecting to be late for Shoba’s class (for the third time in a row), but who do I see instead? Penguin! Apparently, she’s swapped classes with Shoba. Heaving a sigh of relief, I walk into the class and pick a fight with the guy who sits behind me about opening the window. People shouldn’t conduct special classes in this weather. Cursing, I pull out my notebook, grit my teeth and listen to her telling us about the inverses of matrices. Cute little critters, they are. She then says, “I will now explain you.” and proceeds to give us an explanation, which, surprisingly, I understand. After an hour, we go to G.P.’s class in the Sripad Hall, endure and hour of Electrostatics, and then get back to the classroom for Shoba’s class (on Metallurgy). The day starts getting hotter and hotter.

After she lets us go, I walk up to the bus stop with Hari, where I meet Anjan, who spoils my Parker ballpoint pen. Now profusely sweating, I hang around for a while in the shade and take a 12G back home.


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